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Commercial Finance

Introducing ahli islamic Commercial Finance, a Shari’a-compliant financing solution designed for retail customers seeking funds for commercial purposes. With a range of products tailored to meet your diverse needs, we provide flexible financing options that adhere to Islamic principles. Explore our Commercial Finance offerings:

Vehicle Murabaha:

Drive your ambitions forward with our Vehicle Murabaha financing. Whether you need a car for personal or business use, our competitive profit rates, easy processing, and flexible tenor of up to 12 years make owning a vehicle hassle-free.

Goods Murabaha:

Empower your commercial ventures with Goods Murabaha financing. Acquire essential inventory, equipment, or goods for your business, while enjoying the convenience of our seamless application process and attractive profit rates.

Services Ijara:

Enhance your business operations with Services Ijara financing. Leverage our flexible tenor options and competitive rates to lease necessary services, such as machinery, technology, or professional expertise, enabling your business to thrive.

Real Estate (Construction):

Embark on your construction projects with our Real Estate (Construction) financing. Build your dream property or develop commercial spaces with our long-term financing solutions, accommodating tenors of up to 12 years, and benefiting from our straightforward application process.

Real Estate (Ready Asset):

Unlock the potential of real estate investments with our Real Estate (Ready Asset) financing. Whether you’re purchasing residential or commercial property, our flexible tenor options and competitive profit rates ensure a smooth acquisition process.

Key Features of ahli islamic Commercial Finance

  • Tenor options ranging up to 12 years, allowing you to choose a repayment period that suits your financial goals and capacity.
  • Easy and fast processing, ensuring a streamlined experience from application to disbursement.
  • Competitive profit rates, enabling you to benefit from attractive financing terms while adhering to Shari’a principles.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Minimum age requirement of 21 years to apply for ahli islamic Commercial Finance.
  • For government/semi-government employees, a minimum monthly salary of OMR 500 is required.
  • Employees in listed private companies should have a minimum monthly salary of OMR 750 to be eligible for our financing solutions.

At ahli islamic, we are committed to providing you with trusted and compliant financing options that empower your commercial aspirations. Contact us today to explore how our Commercial Finance products can support your growth and achieve your business objectives.

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