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Accidents may not be preventable, but losses and damages could be overcome with our Al Madina Motor Insurance

Motor Takaful

Accidents are unforeseen; it could happen to anyone, irrespective of the person being at fault or not. Al Madina’s motor insurance protects individuals from such unforeseen losses and ensures that they have peace of mind while driving.   

Our Motor Takaful policies offer a wide range of cover, guided by the Unified Motor Insurance Policy that is issued by the Capital Market Authority.

As per regulations, vehicle owners are required to take a minimum of Third Party insurance coverage; accordingly, two types of Motor Insurance products are available:

  1. Comprehensive Motor Insurance; and
  2. Third Party Motor Insurance.

Comprehensive Motor Insurance


This covers Loss or Damage to the Motor Vehicle and its accessories/spare parts owing to the following:

  • Accidental collision or overturning;
  • Fire, external explosion, self-ignition or lightning, burglary and theft;
  • Flood, storm and tempest;
  • Malicious act;
  • Whilst in transiting by road, etc.; and
  • Liability to Third Party including death or bodily injury and damage to property.

Third Party Motor Insurance


This is the basic cover mandated by law, and the policy covers Liability to Third Party – both property and bodily injury.  It does not cover loss or damage to insured’s own vehicle or property, or any injuries or death to the insured or passengers in the vehicle.


What are the criteria to purchase a Motor Takaful Policy?

  • Ahli Islamic customers who own cars;
  • The car must be registered in Oman to a citizen or legal resident; and
  • Available for private individuals purchasing new or used vehicles, except Chinese vehicles (saloon/sedan, 4X4/SUV, pick up, station wagon, sports model vehicles – for private use only). 

What are the documents required to insure a vehicle?

  • ID card copy;
  • Valid driving license copy;
  • Valid copy of car registration for used cars; and
  • Invoice copy from dealer for new cars.

How is the Takaful coverage contribution calculated?

Contribution will be calculated based on a number of factors, including value of the vehicle to be insured, vehicle type, age of the driver, previous claim history, etc.

Why can’t the Takaful policy and registration be in two different names?

The policyholder must be the registered owner and primary driver of the car with a financial interest in the vehicle. The traffic department will only register a vehicle in the name of the policy holder, as stated on the cover certificate.

How is an insurance claim made?

Visit Al Madina Takaful Office during the working hours, from 8:00 AM to 4.30 PM (Sunday to Thursday), or initiate the claim through AMI online platform accesses via the link below.

When is the policy and Royal Oman Police (ROP) form issued?

The ROP form and the policy documents will be issued immediately by authorized staff of Al Madina Takaful at the bank branch where the application is made, upon payment of the contribution.

What is the policy period?

A motor insurance policy is valid for a period of one year and must be renewed by the due date. ​

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