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Corporate Banking

Following are our objectives for the Corporate and the SME business segments:

  • Facilitate customers to operate their businesses in accordance with Shari’a principles, by providing a wide array of Shari’a-based financial products
  • Ensure highest level of service standards with the focus on ‘partnering’ – instead of financing with customers
  • Provide customers with professional feedback on their business operations to ensure development

Our Corporate Banking Products

To fulfill your Corporate Banking customers’ requirements, we are currently offering the following products:


Murabaha is a sale contract, wherein the first party (bank) sells a Shari’a-compliant asset/good to the customer at cost, along with a pre-agreed profit

Ijara Muntahiya Bil Tamleek (Ijara MBT)

Ijara MBT or financial lease is a rental arrangement, whereby the owner of the asset allows use of the asset against specified rentals.  It includes a promise from the lessor to transfer to the lessee the title of the leased asset, at the end of the lease term, through a sale for an agreed price.  During the entire tenor of financial lease, the Bank must retain ownership of the asset, along with relevant risks and rewards

Diminishing Musharaka

Diminishing Musharaka (DM) is a form of co-ownership, in which two or more parties take ownership of a tangible asset in an agreed proportion; one of the co-owners undertakes to buy in periodic installments the proportionate share of the other co-owner, until the title of asset is completely transferred to the purchasing co-owner.  Furthermore, during the entire tenor of facility, one of the co-owners can rent out its undivided share in the asset to the other co-owner

Trade Services

Apart from financing products, we also offer a complete array of trade services to our Corporate and SME customers.  Services available include Letter of Credit, all forms of guarantees, and Business Remittance solutions

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